Bridesmaid Dresses Styles and Fashion…

Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Bridesmaid Dress Styles and Cuts.

It’s often difficult to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses and you will probably also worry about style while stressing whether you will find styles and fashionable dresses that will suit your budget as well. There are a huge choice of different Types, styles and fashions of Bridesmaids dress for your Wedding and if you have an idea in your mind making the perfect decision is so much easier. There are timeless popular bridesmaid dresses and gowns and we have indicated these below to help you make your choice.

Fairy Princess Gowns: these types of bridesmaid dresses suit almost every figure and come available up to plus sizes too. Considering this style of bridesmaids dress looks good on every build it is always easy choices for brides to be and your bridesmaids will also agree.


Bridesmaid DressEmpire Styles: This type of exquisite dress looks good on most of the bridesmaids and only the colour needs to be chosen to match your wedding palette. For petite builds, this style of bridesmaid’s gown can also help her look taller. The looser fit waist is equally good for pregnant or fuller builds of bride’s maids but not suitable for the plumper builds.

The Ball Gown: Should your bridesmaids all be of similar builds ball gown bridesmaid’s dresses will definitely compliment your wedding. Once again in the right colour y, ur bridesmaids and maid of honour can look stunning and elegant in the ball gown styles.Champagne Bridesmaid dress

What colours of Bridesmaid dresses?

You wedding like all others will carry specific colour themes which means your bridesmaid dresses need to be the same in order to accentuate the theme of your wedding.

Here are a few tips that can help you to choose bridesmaid dress correctly for your bridesmaids.

a) Blond and fair skin bridesmaids: Great colour choices are Pastels, Navy blue, Hunter, Orange and Reds, Salmon, Turquoise, Dark Purple and black and jewel tones are best here.

b) For the browns and darker colour skin types go for burgundy, Blues, and Cobalt. The colours that should be avoided for this hair/skin types are the light to medium shades of Grey and Silver because they will clash.

c) For Asian skin tones and dark hair: If your bridesmaid is Asian or has that Asian touch in her hairs and skin you can opt for Jewel Tones, Reds, Ivory, Turquoise, Jade Green and Purple colours to suit. You can even opt for black, Navy, Hunter, Burgundy; Fuchsia can also be a good idea but is should be careful with colours that are Light Greys, Light Yellow, Mint and Mauve.

d) African Medium: The bridesmaid gowns colours bets here are the Navy, Jewel Tones, Reds, Silver, Gold, and Salmon which will all look elegant. By going for lighter colours experiment first to see where the match is and also suitable for the wedding colours you have chosen.

Bridesmaid Dress

You will have to take a lot into consideration choosing bridesmaid dresses and at the same time decide what should be the budget for their dresses including the maid of honour. If you are looking for the best variety and exceptional value in prices find everything you need at bridesmaid dresses online at The Bridesmaid Shop .uk